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Institutional Funding For Humanitarian Purposes

How do you make money without risking money?

$1 Million "ping" program by San Diego Reserve Bank

All that the Clients are required to do is to instruct their bankers to place an internal block on their funds and to place their account on bank internal "administrative hold" for the term of the Program.

Client's funds become available to be placed on Administrative Hold and
can be "Pinged" daily by the Transaction Bankers per agreement among
the Parties. This Client's separated funds become the amount of funds that are placed on hold and then are blocked in the Client's bank account on bank administrative hold for the term of the Contract. The Transaction Managers' Bankers are going to need to "ping" daily to confirm the Client's funds in their bank never leave a Client's own bank account. They do not serve as pledged collateral under any assignment arrangements; no credit lines are ever arranged against an investor's cash funds.

Since there is NO assignment of the Client's funds or NO investment of any kind the Pinging will have confirmed that the deposit is in place. In this manner the Client's deposit is able to always be confirmed by the traders that funds are on deposit in a Client's account at all times.

Minimum: 1M USD or equivalent, Maximum 99M



- No Administrative Hold

- No Moving of Funds

We request the honor of your presence for this quantum leap.  Please make proof of funds available at that time

Doomsday Pay

We have partnered with a Bank-Grade Bitcoin Exchange to offer 100:1 leverage on Perpetuel BTC options which will allow you to buy and hold Bitcoin, the most stellar and most useful system of mutual trust ever devised.

We are officially done with traditional funding

We solve funding problems.

For a limited time you can rent $1 Million for $60,000 a month to get into a legendary buy/sell program that pays weekly.

Be a hometown hero

Strong San Diego

Veterans fought for our county, now they are fighting for our city.  Join them!  All Strong San Diego T-shirts sales are matched by San Diego Reserve Bank and benefit San Diego businesses affected by the Corona Virus.  


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We solve funding problems for humanitarian causes

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